A Verb for Keeping Warm
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Spinning, dyeing, knitting, felting and weaving are just some of the verbs used to describe how humans have kept warm over the centuries. Our company honors these traditions by offering a wide range of textile related classes and materials to bring you closer to the act of creating your own clothing and warmth. Our class subjects include everything from spinning and natural dyeing to sewing and quilting. We host a wide variety of teachers from around the world who are interested in helping perfect the craft of textile creation. We believe by teaching these skills, students will gain a greater perspective over the time, cost, and labor of creating clothing. In turn holding a greater value for all clothing, from that which is handmade to that which is machine made by humans around the world. Creating by hand, together, provides a space for community, for friendships, for inspiration, with the end result a product which you can wear and use.